Casinos & Theme Parks

CasinoNCSSI surge protectors are found on many of the most recognized Theme Parks and Casinos in the U.S. Our Technologists have been called in to preform Power Quality Surveys and "fix" electrical surge related issues once a failure has occurred and lighting, rides, money counting machines, or other critical equipment has failed. Results of our successes have traveled through the industry, and now many Casinos and Theme Parks insist on bringing in SSI Technologists during the design and build phase. This provides the owners peace of mind, knowing their MultiRidePhotosystems are protected from the very first day of operation. A single failure can cost a Casino or Amusement Park hundreds of thousands of dollars in needless expenditures, while prevention is both inexpensive and effective. Best of all, surge protection can be installed at individual problem areas, offering you an extremely cost effective way for you to see the benefits our products provide.

SeaWorld3SSI was able to save a major theme park in Florida approximately $80,000 in parking lot lighting maintenance per year!  This will equate to over $2,000,000.00 in maintenance savings during the twenty-five year warranty covering the installed product.  This installation was so successful, the company has since installed our products on lighting, rides and equipment throughout the park.  

SSI products can be found on both large and small amusement parks and casinos.  We have an extensive list of UL Listed products, and we also offer the ability to custom fit a solution to just about every electrical surge problem you may encounter.  We do not offer a one-size-fits all solution, but provide you with the right solution to keep your Rides, Computerized Gaming Machines, Lighting, Point of Sale Registers, Computers, WiFi Routers, and other equipment up and running though even the most severe electrical surge environments.  Call us with your biggest problem, and we'll prove to you just how effective our integrated solutions are.