Surge Protection for Military Applications


For more than a decade Surge Suppression, LLC has worked around the globe with Military and State engineers to provide only the best in surge protective devices designed to suit the specific and stringent needs of our military forces. Surge Suppression, LLC understands the need for providing only the best devices to protect the mission critical equipment used by our military men and women whether in serving in our embassies abroad, on board our US Navy and Coast Guard ships, or at US Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine and Air Force installations.LargeNavyShipbigstock Military Ship 2561491

Everyone at Surge Suppression. LLC extends our appreciation to our military personnel for their dedicated service to protecting the liberties and freedom afforded to us as citizens of the United States. Thank You!

In addition to providing the best equipment protection that in turn protects those serving in our military and allows them to be combat ready, our devices prevent downtime and avoid wasting expensive electrical/electronic equipment, as evidenced by the U.S. Navy which routinely uses SSI’s surge protective devices aboard ships:


Annual Pre Install Maintenance:             $7,814,718
TVSS Installed Cost:                              $2,679,350
Annual Post-Install Maintenance:           $2,865,107
Yearly Maintenance Savings:                 $4,949,611
Payback Period (yrs.)                                       0.54



Record of Success

  • Naval Surface Warfare Center Letter - Mil-spec, Computers
  • Navy Contract Award Letter
  • Army - Port Arthur Texas Letter - Military, Lightning
  • Diamond USAR Center, New Orleans - Military, lightning
  • NAVSEA ROI Single Page
  • Navy ROI report

National Stock Numbers

Active NSN numbers:

5920-01-497-1800                   5920-01-458-1196RadarScreenbigstock Modern Ship Control Panel With 79254697

5920-01-497-1798                   5920-01-534-6495

5920-01-497-1802                   5920-01-534-6494

5920-01-497-1796                   5340-01-529-1210

5920-01-476-5120                   5920-01-527-7626

5920-01-473-6194                    5340-01-529-1211

5920-01-458-1197                    5340-01-529-1214

5920-01-458-1196                    5340-01-529-1209

Custom Needs Met

In addition to ANSI/UL 1449 -2006 testing for both normal and abnormal condition response, our devices are designed to exceed the stringent first article tests required for Navy Qualification, including:

  • MIL-STD 901D Light Weight Shock Tests
  • MIL-STD 167/1 Vibration Tests
  • MIL-STD 1399

Surge Suppression, LLC goes beyond rigorous testing requirements to provide custom-made devices designed for specific military applications, such as the first surge protection device approved for US Navy Submarine usage.

Regardless of the application needs to for our military forces, Surge Suppression, LLC understands the need and delivers only the best protection devices for our military.