Smart Grid


The SG Advantage® Series: Brute Strength, Refined Performance

With the exclusive SG product line, SSI has products designed specifically to protect the sensitive AC to DC power inverters. SSI recommends a systems or layered approach when protecting incoming power and energy generation systems. Providing protection at the utility supplied service equipment is the first crucial step to protecting a home or facility from externally generated surge events such as lightning (induced or direct) and power production switching events.

Looking further into the Solar & Wind System and past the service equipment, the next component is the DC to AC Power Inverter. The inverter needs to be protected at the output (AC) as well as the input (DC). It requires this level of protection due to the sensitivity of its internal electronics.

The input protection goes between the solar panels or wind turbine and the inverter. Surge protection is recommended at this location to prevent induced surges from coming into the inverter causing damage or destruction.

On the output side of the inverter, an additional stage of AC protection is recommended. This second level of surge suppression is provided to protect against the effects of any remnant surge voltage that remains past the service equipment.

If the Solar or Wind System has a battery bank, it is necessary to provide surge suppression between the inverter and the battery bank. The life expectancy of the batteries may be significantly reduced by not mitigating the effects of the "spikes" or surges off of the power going into the batteries.

Another, often overlooked, area of need for surge suppression in Solar & Wind Energy Generation Systems is the data communication lines that monitor and control the operation of these systems. If these controls are not properly protected, there could be expensive repair to control boards and significant energy production downtime while waiting for technicians and replacement parts.

Our exclusive SG product line is specifically designed for the application and protection needs for Solar & Wind Power Generation Systems. Solar & Wind Power Generation systems are designed to save you money by producing electricity from the sun and wind. Don't be hindered and frustrated by repair costs and energy production downtime!

      • Peak Surge Current                     120 kA to 200kA available          

      • Modes of Protection                     Discrete All Mode Protection

      • Listings                                         ANSI/UL 1449, CSA MC#241804

      • Encapsulation                               Full Circuitry Encapsulation

      • Enclosure                                      NEMA 12, 4 and 4X available

      • Filtering                                         EMI/RFI, Frequency Responsive Circuitry available

      • Let-Through Voltage                     500 V