Site Survey

Lightning and surge related issues cost U.S. businesses like yours countless billions of dollars each year in damaged equipment, lost productivity and production downtime.  Nearly 25 years ago Robert Hof, writing in the science and technology section of the April 8, 1991, edition Businessweek, noted the estimated $26 Billion yearly lost by U.S. businesses in time and revenue due to power-related problems.  This figure predates the wide spread business use of computers and microprocessor based equipment and instrumentation, all highly sensitive to electrical surges. Since the proliferation of microprocessor based equipment, The majority of lightning and surge related damage goes unidentified, as business replace "worn out" control boards, lighting, transformers, computer hard drives and capacitor banks. SSI worker exterior panel

Proper lightning and surge protection requires more than just the installation of a properly rated device.  The strategic placement of the right device, at the proper location, along with proper installation are required for effective protection.  SSI employees highly trained specialists who review your facility, the quantity and type of machinery and equipment used, the electrical load of the equipment or machinery, the geographical location of the facility, the voltage configuration and ampere ratings.  

During our site surveys, SSI specialists provide a transient susceptibility report for the facility manager.  Existing surge protection may be adequate if relocated to optimal locations and lead length reduced. SSI Specialists are often able to greatly improve the performance of existing (our competitor's) surge protection equipment by advising facility managers on the re-location of the devices to the proper location.  Our extensive site survey includes a walk thru and review of all service entry and distribution panel locations, visual inspection of telecom, data control circuits, review and evaluation of trouble areas like high demand dedicated load equipment, recommendations for re-location, if necessary, of any existing surge protection equipment, a full report recommending any additional surge protection equipment for unprotected/trouble areas, indicating specific types of surge protection, their optimal location and appropriate current ratings. 

Surveys of smaller locations and retail showrooms can typically be done via site electrical diagrams or photos of the electrical panel box(es) and problem load equipment.  Larger locations, or those with more severe power quality symptoms should opt for an on-site survey.