SSI Turnkey Systems, Solutions, and Integration

SSI offers a Turnkey Solution to mitigate the problems you face everyday.  When your point of sale equipment is down, you lose both valuable customers and sales revenue.  Every hour your display lighting is out, results in reduced sales.  

Attorneys salivate over parking lot slip and fall cases, claiming inadequate illumination when parking lot lighting fails.  We help mitigate these issues which are often caused by lightning and electrical surges.  We can reduce costly downtime, premature lighting failures and POS malfunctions.  

You can't afford to experience downtime, especially during high volume sales days.  Reduce your exposure with our Systems, Solutions and Integration turnkey plan.

Our "turnkey" solution mitigates unexplained or premature failures of the following:bigstockModernInteriorInCenterMode5576266

  • Electronic Lamps and Ballasts
  • Cashwraps (Point of Sale equipment)
  • LED Lighting
  • POS Terminals
  • LCD & LED Displays
  • Audio & Media Equipment
  • Lighting Controls
  • Exterior Canopy, Walkway and Parking Lot Lighting
  • Computer Servers
  • Communications Centers

Contact us today, and one of our professionals will evaluate your location(s), determine your areas of greatest exposure, and provide you with a comprehensive plan to correct shortfalls.  We will determine the correct products and locations, coordinate the ideal time and date for installation, arrange installation by qualified professionals, verify all installed SPDs and certify your system for peak performance.  

Our products are designed to be compact, provide the highest level of performance and are seamlessly integrated into your electrical system.  Our satisfied customers include everything from single locations retail stores to huge multi-national chains representing some of the most recognizable brands in America.

Best of all, we offer you our 25 Year Warranty - so your Return on Investment continues, year after year.