We have gone pretty deep in our last several articles on the technical aspects of Solar & Wind. If you have not seen them, take a look at the July and August issues. This final Solar & Wind feature article's focus is on the potential of the industry. If you are involved in the electrical industry, you surely are feeling the impact of the Solar & Wind industries. Take a moment to visit the following site: AE Solar Power News. Here you will find numerous articles ranging from one focusing on the movement of solar into the military to another discussing a solar powered robot developed by MIT for the purpose of cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico.

It seems alarmingly apparent that we are seeing only the beginning of the Solar & Wind Era. The industry is skyrocketing throughout the world as many countries are undergoing efforts to become less reliant on fossil fuels. So what kind of an impact can a company like Surge Suppression Incorporated have in this industry? First and foremost, we have the most complete line of products specifically designed for the protection of Wind & Solar energy generation systems. We have a proven technology, top performance and a warranty second to none. If you are interested in protecting your Solar or Wind project, contact one of our specialists (1-888-987-8877) and they will be delighted to assist you in the proper layout and product selection to aid in preventing loss of equipment and costly lost production.

If you are in the surge protection business, consider researching projects in your area, as well as, contacting past customers who may be in the process of developing and implementing an alternative energy program. It seems that just about every major municipality in the United States has a program in the works or on the drawing board. We have seen that surge protection has sometimes been a secondary concern -which is 'good' because it opens the door to educate the engineers on the right surge protection product and also 'not so good' because there may not be budget included for surge protection. However, as we have seen so many times in the past, educating the customer pays off. They may install without surge protection, but will reconsider when the inevitable power quality problems surface.

Solar & Wind is definitely an exciting opportunity! Just think how little has changed with electricity over the past several decades. Because of the emphasis on the "Go Green" effort and the environmental and financial reasons to do so, Solar & Wind has put the electrical industry at the forefront on government funding and private capitalization. With this in mind, it is of utmost importance to explore the Solar & Wind market with Surge Suppression Incorporated. If you are considering a Solar & Wind power source for your company, remember to protect your investment with the best surge protection products in the industry manufactured by SSI.