The Industry Leader, "SSI is the Only One"

Surge Suppression, LLC is not the industry sales leader. The last VDC Report on North American Surge Suppression Manufacturers listed us at number 10. This is a respectable position considering we are one of only two SPD manufacturers in the "Top 10" that are privately owned. SSI specializes in surge suppression products and we excel at what we do. And because we have been the first and only manufacturer with numerous product innovations, we feel that we have demonstrated our leadership role in the TVSS industry for many years. Discover why...

We are the only one!

Sinewave Tracking -Since its inception SSI has developed and promoted sinewave tracking technology. Other major players in the industry have since begun to manufacture products that include this technology, but have not yet caught up to the performance capabilities of the SSI product.

Discrete All-Mode Protection -Since its inception SSI has incorporated discrete all-mode protection (10-modes in a 3 phase wye system). Other major players in the industry have since begun to manufacture products that follow this design concept but most have not yet been able to compete with SSI's smaller footprint.

Listed by both UL and CSA -SSI products are listed to UL Standards by both UL and CSA.

No other manufacturer has a complete product line of panel mount SPDs that is listed to the UL1449 Third Edition Standard by both Underwriter's Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association.

Traveling Seminar -IEEE Certified providing CEU Credits for Continuing Education. SSI is the only manufacturer to offer a seminar program that is sponsored by IEEE and includes CEU credits for attendance.

The Industry's Most Admired 25 Year Warranty -SSI's warranty period is 25 years and does not exclude lightning or surges in excess of the device surge rating. This speaks for itself! You get no hassles or the run-around, just a simple and straight forward warranty.

Third Party Certified Product Testing -SSI's panel devices have been subjected to performance testing certified by an independent laboratory. Performance claims are one thing, but proof is better. We have this proof in testing as certified by Mr. Ray Hill, PE, Lead Engineer, High Voltage Lab of NEETRAC at Georgia Tech.

Patented Fusing Technology -SSI's patented over-current fusing arrangement allows for a smaller footprint and consequently a smaller product package.

Patented Fluff & Weave Technology -Exclusive to SSI, this arrangement provides a trusted failure mode which enables the safe mounting of our products internal to panel boards and other equipment.

At Surge Suppression, LLC, we consistently strive to improve our products. We take great pride in our accomplishments over the years and that these milestones have been realized with honesty and integrity. We feel this is the mark of a leader... in any industry.