Customer Testimonials

"Recently we have experienced problems with maintaining the lamps in our runway signage system. These runway identification signs provide pilots location and direction as they navigate the airfield and are a critical componet of the airport safety system. Due to lightning activity in the area, we have experienced a high rate of lamp replacement in these signs. Not only is this a safety issue, but also the time required to open these signs (removing and replacing as many as 12 screws in the cover) and replace the nonworking lamps directly impacts our operation budget. Since we have installed your surge suppression units on the low voltage circuit from the power supply to the lamps, our porblems have gone away. To make our maintenance job even easier, you suggested putting a remote status light on each sign to allow our maintenance personnel to check for a physical inspection. Now they only need to drive by the signs to check the operating status.

Over the years we have experienced damage and loss to our Constant Voltage Regulators that provide power to runway lighting. Loss of runway lighting is a serious aircraft safety issue. Any damage to this equipment can affect the personal safety of our maintenance personnel and has an impact on our bottom line. Although we had installed your surge suppression products on the power to protect them from the utility power system, we had found no way to protect them from voltage surges that originate from lightning on the airfield. Surge Suppression Incorporated's new device - the APL 5000 Series Airport Lighting Protector - was the answer. You reviewed our electrical and physical installation requirements and reccomended these suppression devices for our use. We purchased them with the remote status light option that allows our maintenance personnel to visually check the operational status for each suppressor without making physical contact. We are very pleased with this project and the usual result we get from your products.

On behalf of the HMCAA management and maintenance staff, we are convinced of the need for quality surge suppression. Thank you for your professional advice and assistance in helping us to choose the right product for each application."


STAN HOGAN, Director, Capital Improvements Department
Huntsville-Madison County Airport Authority

 "Until this past year, summer storms have caused immeasurable electrical casualties to the installed equipment maintained by our company due to lightning strikes. Since installing the Surge Suppression Incorporated units at the end of 2010, [we have] experienced a dramatically increased system uptime, only experiencing one surpressor failure and zero installed equipment failures due to lightning strikes."

Maintenance Provider at Orlando International Airport

"Thanks for all your support over the last year. You guys are probably the most supportive, responsive, and enjoyable manufacturer that we work with. You guys will continue to be our surge solution of choice due to the incredible products you deliver and the knowledge you bring to us and the industry. Great Job!!

Thank you again."


 "After installing custom designed SPD (Surge Protective Device) they have experienced ZERO loses due to lightning."

JESSE CLARK, Instrument Technician
NAS Pensacola

"We decided to put your product throughout the system after doing a cost benefit analysis which showed a handsome payback many times over... I would certainly recommend Surge Suppression Incorporated to any other municipality or company for that matter. Simply stated, it's the truth."

GERALD BEATTY, Foreman, Electrical
Maintenance Water Operations, MLGW

Had it not been for the SPD system, the electrical system would have been completely destroyed and quite possible could have caught on fire."

AMBROSE S. DAIGLE III, Facility Manager
Department of the Army

"The Suppressor took a direct strike and sacrificed itself. Our electronics sustained NO DAMAGE AT ALL."

SSgt STEVE SCHLOTT, Alarms Technician
Eglin AFB

"I have been furnishing SSI TVSS units for over three years on different projects and have had nothing but success with your products. The versatility, size, acceptance and competitive attitude of SSI and its products are second to none. I will continue to work with your people knowing I am supplying a product that can be relied upon."

Joseph G. Rehal, International Engineer
Kelly & Hayes Electrical Supply

"Conclusion: SPD is a great investment on any and all systems and ships represented in this study. The Return-On-Investment ratios are all positive... SPDs are low cost items with tremendous savings potential in terms of maintenance on the systems they protect."

U.S. NAVY Analysis of Pre/Post Installation of Surge Suppression Systems on 23 Surface Ships